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Dopamine, Disinformation, and the Ethics of Technological Progress

What happens when the technology of social media meets the biology of our minds? In this Leaps Talk, SynBioBeta Founder and CEO, John Cumbers, interviews Tristan Harris, popularly known for his work in the critically acclaimed Netflix documentary, the Social Dilemma. Harris, a former design ethicist at Google, offers insights and advice on how the synthetic biology community can avoid the disastrous mistakes of Big Tech.

Conscious Capitalism? Doing Good in the World With Biology

Synthetic biology has the potential to positively impact human lives. But how can we consciously guide the bioeconomy toward market successes that promote human and planetary well-being? This panel explores how innovators and investors can empower each other to make positive changes in the world while developing the biotech community’s awareness of what it means to “do good” in our society.

Pharma, Meet SynBio: Five Companies That Are Accelerating Therapies and Vaccines

Computation, automation, and the ease of DNA read/ write/ edit are poised to transform biopharma. Synthetic biology brings these technologies together to provide new platforms for drug discovery and production. In the middle of a pandemic, these biotech advances are more important than ever. Hear in-depth insights into five companies that are transforming biopharma R&D in the coming bioeconomy.

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The Culture of Synthetic Biology: Moonshots for a Better World

In this Leaps Talk, Kira Peikoff moderates a conversation with George Church and D. A. Wallach about some of the most far-reaching goals of synthetic biology. Learn about the possibilities and be inspired to dream a little (or a lot) bigger.

Beyond Sustainability: Achieving a Truly Circular Carbon Economy

Bio-based products are good, a closed-loop system is better. To tackle climate change, companies are already repurposing carbon as a feedstock in their pipelines. Hear our experts discuss the role of investors and policymakers in realizing a carbon negative future.

Circular Fashion: The Impact of Sustainability on Fashion

The fashion industry is notorious for its wastefulness. How can synthetic biology disrupt this industry with new, more sustainable, higher-performing materials? In this panel, leading experts discuss the challenges—and successes—in bringing bio-based materials to consumers.

How the (Lab-Grown) Sausage is Made: The Media, Synthetic Biology, and How the Story Will Be Told

Synthetic biology is gaining public awareness as more products made through genetic engineering find their way into people's lives. This session explores the role of journalism in the emerging story of synthetic biology and building constructive relationships with the media.

Cell Culture and the Future of Food

Cellular agriculture promises a more sustainable and humane alternative to today’s livestock agricultural system. In this panel, our experts discuss the technical and economical challenges in realizing this vision. Learn more about the latest alt-meat breakthroughs and market insights.

The Scale-Up Valley of Death: The Real Challenges of Scaling Your Biomanufacturing Process to 10,000 Litres

For startups with a market-ready commodity chemical, scaling production up from a 500 ml sample to a 10,000-liter qualifying run is a steep climb. This panel grapples with the valley of death between the shaker flask and commercial-scale production.

SynBioBeta 2020 Investor Panel

How are investors viewing the synthetic biology industry in the middle of a pandemic? Four leading investors share their advice for innovators, their outlook on the immediate future of the industry and our economy, and the most promising opportunities they see right now.

The Bioeconomy of Polymers: A Vision From One of the World’s Leading Brands

In this featured presentation, leaders from P&G’s research team share their big-picture perspectives on how biopolymers are reshaping value chains and leading to better, more sustainable products.

Consumer Biotechnology: Why Now?

Consumer acceptance is critical for the success of biotech products. How do we avoid the mistakes of the past? How can we leverage storytelling to increase broad interest and move beyond the "synbio echo chamber"?

Wait, They Brewed That Building?

Synthetic biology has the potential to fill unmet sustainability needs in critical industries like construction and infrastructure. Hear how leading synthetic biology companies are working to help move our homes and cities from carbon positive to carbon negative.

Building Consumer Brands: What Are the Challenges?

Building consumer brands with synthetic biology offers incredible promise; however, there are challenges and risks to be managed. This panel explores the possibilities and perils of using synthetic biology in consumer products.

Materials Performance: Designed at the Molecular Level

Engineered biology offers innovators the opportunity to design and build at the molecular level. In this session, our experts explore how the power to work with biology changes the way materials are designed, produced, and manufactured.

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Dopamine, disinformation, and the pursuit of science

A Leaps Talk with Tristan Harris on shaping human progress through biology
Tristan Harris is a design ethicist and critic of how the web is downgrading humanity. In this fireside chat with SynBioBeta founder John Cumbers, Harris will explore how the synthetic biology community ought to think about this digital moment in history. What happens when the technology of social media meets the biology of our minds? How does this color the public conversation around tackling global challenges like hunger, genetic disease, and climate change? Learn how tech and biology work for and against us in building a better world with biology.

Technology, culture, and forging audacious aims for our future

A Leaps Talk with George Church, DA Wallach & Kira Peikoff
In a time of COVID, climate-induced wildfires, and political division, how do we keep researchers and the public united to tackle humanity’s most pressing problems?? This conversation brings together a synthetic biology pioneer, an iconoclastic artist/entrepreneur, and a science journalist/bioethicist to explore the technological and cultural trends shaping biotechnology today. We’ll explore the most promising biotech tools for future-proofing humanity, how entrepreneurs and start-ups are catalyzing progress, and our obligations to one another in a shared vision for our biological future.