March 3, 2021 | ONLINE

Food and Agriculture Conference 2021

Discover how synthetic biology innovators and entrepreneurs are using bioengineering to transform global food systems for a sustainable future.

How do we feed 10 billion by 2050 without destroying our planet? Increasingly, consumers are demanding alternative meats, bio-based ingredients, and environmentally responsible food production. Join us and discover the latest biotech trends and innovations. Learn how biological engineering in agriculture can help solve hunger, climate change, public health, human rights, and animal welfare.

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The Future of Food is Synthetic Biology

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the progress of bioengineering. Consumer products like lab-grown meats are coming to market years ahead of prediction. Synthetic biology is disrupting industries across the board. To stay competitive, startup entrepreneurs and established executives alike need to understand how to leverage the growing bioeconomy.

For the first time ever, SynBioBeta is hosting a one-day event exclusively focused on the potential of bioengineering in food and agriculture. This is your opportunity to hear from industry experts who are transforming our food systems through alternative proteins, circular agriculture, gene editing, and more. Synthetic biology isn’t an industry that will be disruptive in three-to-five years. It’s disruptive now. Explore breakthrough ideas and innovations to gain new advantages for your company’s future.

Join us for one day of exciting, interactive discussions, and learn how to incorporate synthetic biology into your products and market strategy. Understand how to engage with policymakers, regulators, and investors to bring your technology to market. Be inspired to change the world through revolutionising food.




About your hosts

John Cumbers

Founder & CEO, SynBioBeta

John began his career at NASA Ames, in the heart of Silicon Valley, where he sought answers to how humans could live to visit the far reaches of our universe. Now at SynBioBeta, he works to empower a community of bio-entrepreneurs, companies, investors, researchers, visionaries, and thought leaders to bring projects to life. Through his leadership at SynBioBeta, John aims to facilitate the critical scientific and entrepreneurial collaborations that will shape the future of humanity.

Christine Gould

Founder and CEO, Thought For Food

Christine has dedicated her career to making agtech innovation more open, inclusive, and collaborative. She founded Thought For Food to empower young people to get involved in developing the scientific solutions their futures depend on. Recently appointed to the Advisory Committee of the UN Food System Summit, Christine seeks to connect policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors and environmental advocates to solve the critical food challenges our world faces. She also sits on the Board of Young Professionals in Ag Development and is a Founding Member of the Ashoka Changemakers League of Intrapreneurs.

What Our Attendees Say About Us...

Come learn the latest technologies, hear the big announcements in the field, make new partnerships, meet investors, and discover new companies.
"SynBioBeta has the best mix of speakers - you can expect to see anyone ranging from a startup to a fortune 500 company"

Massimo Portincaso

Managing Director & Partner, BCG

"SynBioBeta is one of the most exciting places on earth for synthetic biology entrepreneurship aficionados like myself"

Seth Bannon

Founding Partner, Fifty Years

"Over the past year, the COVID-19 has resulted in the cancelation of events across industries. That hasn't been the case with SynBioBeta. In fact, their virtual events have helped me imagine what networking can look like. At a time when we're more isolated, SynBioBeta's platform for making human connections remains a bright spot"

Karl Schmieder

CEO, MessagingLab

"SynBioBeta offers a uniquely creative and though-provoking meeting place for synthetic biology innovators, investors, and thought leaders to collaborate in solving our world’s biggest problem through biology. These events are unparalleled in our industry."

Karyn Riegel

Deputy Director Brand & Community Engagement, Leaps by Bayer


Featured Speakers

Josh Tetrick

CEO & Co-Founder

Eat Just, Inc.

Josh is the CEO & Co-Founder of Eat Just. The startup’s team of world-class scientists, researchers, and Michelin-starred chefs created America’s fastest-growing egg brand made entirely from plants, and the world’s first-to-market cultured meat made safely from animal cells.

Patricia Bubner

CEO & Co-founder

Orbillion Bio

Patricia Bubner is the CEO and co-founder of Orbillion Bio which is on a mission to bring premium cultured meat to the market. She is a scientist and engineer working on building a future of food that is ethical and sustainable.

Massimo Portincaso

Partner & Managing Director

Boston Consulting Group

Co-Leader of the "Deep Tech Mission", BCG's unit focused on the deep tech approach to innovation, emerging technologies, and the new rules of engagement for all actors in the innovation space. Previously in charge of BCG’s Branding and Marketing

Louisa Burwood-Taylor

Head of Media & Research


Louisa is Head of Media & Research for AgFunder and chief editor of its news site AFN. She covered various financial products and markets before turning to agrifood. She has launched two publications: Agri Investor and another for the Financial Times.

Joshua March

Co-founder & CEO

Artemys Foods

Co-founder & CEO of Artemys Foods, on a mission to empower humanity to eat sustainably by developing the next generation of meat alternatives that combine plant-based and cell-based meat.

Casey Lippmeier

VP of Innovation


VP of Innovation at Conagen, a leading biotech company delivering high-value ingredients to the food, nutritional, and pharmaceutical industries. Prior to joining Conagen, Casey was a principal scientist for DSM Nutritional Products, where he invented technologies for producing healthy fats, biodiesel and vaccines.

John de la Parra

Manager, Global Food Portfolio

The Rockefeller Foundation & Harvard University

Dr. John de la Parra is an ethnobotanist & plant chemist with expertise in food crops & medicinal plants. He is the Manager of the Global Food Portfolio at The Rockefeller Foundation, Associate at the Harvard University Herbaria, & former Research Scientist at MIT.

Dilek Uzunalioglu, Ph.D.

Head of Food Applications

Motif FoodWorks

Dilek leads food application development for Motif’s ingredient portfolio designed to improve taste, texture and nutrition of plant-based foods. Formerly a leader at Ingredion, Dilek holds a Ph.D. in Food Science from Rutgers University.
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Dopamine, disinformation, and the pursuit of science

A Leaps Talk with Tristan Harris on shaping human progress through biology
Tristan Harris is a design ethicist and critic of how the web is downgrading humanity. In this fireside chat with SynBioBeta founder John Cumbers, Harris will explore how the synthetic biology community ought to think about this digital moment in history. What happens when the technology of social media meets the biology of our minds? How does this color the public conversation around tackling global challenges like hunger, genetic disease, and climate change? Learn how tech and biology work for and against us in building a better world with biology.

Technology, culture, and forging audacious aims for our future

A Leaps Talk with George Church, DA Wallach & Kira Peikoff
In a time of COVID, climate-induced wildfires, and political division, how do we keep researchers and the public united to tackle humanity’s most pressing problems?? This conversation brings together a synthetic biology pioneer, an iconoclastic artist/entrepreneur, and a science journalist/bioethicist to explore the technological and cultural trends shaping biotechnology today. We’ll explore the most promising biotech tools for future-proofing humanity, how entrepreneurs and start-ups are catalyzing progress, and our obligations to one another in a shared vision for our biological future.

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What Can You Expect 
From This Conference?

This interactive conference will give you insights and perspectives from leading global brands and the startups that are transforming the consumer packaged goods, fashion, foods, construction, and electronics industries with engineered biology. Biotechnology’s impact has long been underestimated due to the mistaken belief that biotech is a subset of the pharmaceutical industry. Everything from apparel to packaging is shifting from chemical-based manufacturing to biological processes.


- What is consumer biotechnology and why does it matter now?
- What is a brand and how do we build one?
- How do we engage consumers with ingredients and products produced using the tools of biotechnology?
- Do consumers care about bio-tech derived ingredients? How are rare ingredients being “brewed” in the lab?
- How do those ingredients perform compared to “traditional” ingredients?
- How can we feed the growing population in the face of changing climate?
- What strategies are cellular agriculture companies adopting to make sure their products reach the shelves.
- Can synthetic biology be applied to fashion to make it more sustainable?
- How will the colors of fashion change when dyes are sustainable?
- How do we design performance into materials when we are able to start building at the atomic level?
- How can companies turn their waste streams into assets?
- Is that sustainable? What opportunities do investors seek in consumer biotech companies?
- How should consumer biotech companies engage the public to prevent another GMO backlash?

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