The Global Synthetic Biology Conference

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The Global Synthetic Biology Conference is an impactful event that unites the leading biological engineers, investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs who make up this fast-growing industry.

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Discover How Synthetic Biology is Disrupting Consumer Products, Food, Agriculture, Medicine, Chemicals, Materials, and More...

3-Day of interactivity packed with exceptional content and delivered entirely online 
by using the latest technology to keep the event entertaining, engaging and interactive. 
Come learn the latest technologies, hear the big announcements in the field, make new partnerships, meet investors, and discover new companies.

This Event was Hosted September 29TH - October 1st 2020.
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Day one will feature our annual Investor Grand Panel, show you how to build the lab of the future, explore conscious capitalism, and announce inductees in The Biotech Startup Draft.


We will explore biotech and the brain, anticipate the future of food, go beyond sustainability to a truly circular carbon economy, and consider synthetic biology as a force of equity.


We will focus on new synthetic biology modalities in health care, emerging technology platforms for vaccines, therapies and diagnostics, and the latest COVID developments.





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John Cumbers

Founder & CEO, SynBioBeta

Hi, my name is John, and I am the founder of SynBioBeta.

I began my science career at NASA Ames, in the heart of Silicon Valley, seeking answers to how humans could live to visit the far reaches of our universe.

Today at SynBioBeta we help bio-entrepreneurs, companies, investors, researchers, visionaries, and thought leaders who are shaping the future of humanity to connect and bring projects to life.


Dopamine, disinformation, and the pursuit of science

A Leaps Talk with Tristan Harris on shaping human progress through biology

Tristan Harris is a design ethicist and critic of how the web is downgrading humanity. In this fireside chat with SynBioBeta founder John Cumbers, Harris will explore how the synthetic biology community ought to think about this digital moment in history. What happens when the technology of social media meets the biology of our minds? How does this color the public conversation around tackling global challenges like hunger, genetic disease, and climate change? Learn how tech and biology work for and against us in building a better world with biology.

FOllowed by live Q&A


Technology, culture, and forging audacious aims for our future 

A Leaps Talk with George Church, DA Wallach & Kira Peikoff

In a time of COVID, climate-induced wildfires, and political division, how do we keep researchers and the public united to tackle humanity’s most pressing problems?? This conversation brings together a synthetic biology pioneer, an iconoclastic artist/entrepreneur, and a science journalist/bioethicist to explore the technological and cultural trends shaping biotechnology today. We’ll explore the most promising biotech tools for future-proofing humanity, how entrepreneurs and start-ups are catalyzing progress, and our obligations to one another in a shared vision for our biological future.

FOllowed by live Q&A

Featured Speakers

Meet the featured speakers of the Global Synthetic Biology Conference 2020

Ed Boyden

Professor in  Neurotechnology


Neuroscientist and engineer, winner of $3M Breakthrough Prize, pioneer of optogenetic control of brain activity, inventor of expansion microscopy for mapping the brain.

George Church


Harvard & MIT

Pioneer of genome engineering, systems and synthetic biology, co-founder of 14+ biotech companies, author of 400+ papers, inventor of 60+ patents, author of Regenesis.

Jennifer Holmgrem



CEO of LanzaTech, leader of a revolutionary carbon recycling company, pioneer in aviation biofuels, (co)author of 50 U.S. patents and 30 scientific publications, named one of the most influential leaders in the bioeconomy.

Emily Leproust

CEO & Director

Twist Bioscience

CEO of Twist Bioscience, disruptor gene synthesis industry, enabler of exponential growth of synthetic biology in health, materials, chemicals, and the environment.

Tim Lu

Co-Founder & CEO

Senti Biosciences

Synthetic biology pioneer, biological engineer, serial founder, creator of a platform technology to advance cell and gene therapies that can adapt, sense, and respond to patients’ needs.

Zack Bogue

Co-Managing Partner


Zack Bogue is co-founder & managing partner of DCVC (Data Collective), a venture fund that backs entrepreneurs applying deep tech to transform giant industries. DCVC’s portfolio includes Planet Labs, Tala, Pivot Bio, Primer, Rigetti Computing and Zymergen.

Jennifer Doudna

Professor and HHMI Investigator

UC Berkeley

Dr Doudna is currently the Li Ka Shing Chancellor’s Chair in Biomedical and Health Sciences and she is Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology and Professor of Chemistry at UC Berkeley and an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Christina Smolke

Co-Founder & CEO


Christina Is A Pioneer In The Fields Of Synthetic Biology And Metabolic Engineering. As Professor Of Bioengineering And Chemical Engineering At Stanford University, Her Laboratory Led The Breakthrough Research To Engineer Baker’s Yeast To Produce Valuable Plant-Based Medicines. 

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CEO, Twist Bioscience

“SynBioBeta is uniquely focused on startups and entrepreneurs trying to change the world and the challenges we face to get to market.”


CEO, Bolt Threads

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Get insights and unique perspective from some of today’s leading thinkers and practitioners on pushing the envelope of our field.

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Our live panel discussions feature leading experts in conversation about the big issues impacting our industry and the bioeconomy.

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